References Marketing Videos

There are different forms possible to make the impact of video and marketing clear.

One of these options is a traditional case video. In this case, a clear video makes it clear what the results are and how they were achieved. This video contains clear numbers and gets straight to the point.

It is also possible to make a case video that responds more to emotion and inspiration. These videos focus on telling the story and conveying the importance of the case on an emotional level.

Whereas traditional case video often uses existing and stock footage to tell the story, emotional case video uses unique footage.

You will find examples of both forms below, starting with two traditional examples followed by two emotional/inspiring.

Let's take a look at some casevideo's:

Mentos Gum x STUKTV - Case Video

In this example of the collaboration between Mentos Kauwgom and StukTV, it becomes clear what has happened in the years of collaboration between Mentos and StukTV. This video is a journey through this partnership. What did they do to reach the target group <25 and then also to address the >25. The video ends with figures. What has this collaboration yielded, by what percentage has the brand power increased and what is the conclusion


The video above dynamically demonstrates the possibilities of photo animation.

Apple – Every Product Carbon Neutral

This text based animation shows a way to tell a story by having a conversation with the viewer and telling your story. 

Wetransfer - Corporate Social Responsibility 2022 Recap

The video above clearly explains how wetransfer has performed in the past year, what they wanted to achieve and how they did it. By combining photo, voice-over and animation, an interesting and catching video is made.

Grand Vision

By sticking to text animation combined with moving icons you can tell a clear story. This method works well to convey information to the viewer.. 

The casevideos below capitalize on the emotion and inspire.

Deloitte x IDFA - Weetlust

When you grow up, you are curious about everything. That’s called ‘Philomathy’, or ‘Weetlust’ in Dutch.

This video does not tell which KPIs have been achieved or what the market growth has been, but speaks to the viewer’s emotions. It explains why Deloitte is committed to making documentarians available to young people. This way you appeal to the viewer with emotion

Disrupt Manifesto

A catchy image is created by using stock footage in combination with a good voice-over. The unique images enhance the message the voice-over wants to convey to the viewer. 

For Tomorrow - Manifesto

In the video above, a group of different, unique people speak the same message, while the voiceover amplifies this message. By using real people, the viewer gets a humane image and an emotional trigger with the video.

LIONS | Progress Through Creativity

A unique voiceover with a beautiful story where the very different and very unique images grab the viewer’s attention. Still, all the images together tell 1 story with which they manage to keep the attention.