Towel Media References

NU Studio – Brandmovie (

In this video, you see the combination of different video sources combined. In addition, pictures and video fragments are combined into a seamless whole.

Civas – Brandmovie

In this video, we integrated graphics in a playful and interesting way.

DL choices – Brandmovie

A combination of different sources of footage/pictures combined.

Insight TV – Brandreel

A combination of graphics and different sources of footage.

Joolz – Brandmovie

This video is a combination of user-generated content and our own recorded footage.

Emmi – The Icons

Please do not focus on the style of the video, we know this is very different from what the videos for Huhtamaki are going to look like. But, it is a good example of how picture-in-picture is used in a creative way. In addition, different sources of video are combined into a seamless whole.

External References

Wavin – I Am Your City

This is a good example of an inspirational video where only stock videos are used.