The Pool. Our media agency.


We create marketing and media strategies that are in line with the objectives of your company or brand. In doing so, we investigate your target audience, the positioning of your brand and the appropriate marketing tools and channels that match. 

Whether this is an influencer campaign or an advanced b2b funnel, the media strategy is always conversion driven and contains guaranteed KPIs.



During creation, our creative girls and blokes translate the media strategy into content. This content can take various forms such as eye-catching branded video content by Towel Media, well-written blogs, data driven e-mail marketing  campaigns, conversion driven websites and engaging social content. 

The content is always dynamic and optimized based on advertising and analytics data.


media buying.

During media purchasing, our data-nerdy folks distribute, analyze and optimize the content on social media, search engines, web and television. They ensure that conversions are realized, the guaranteed KPIs are achieved and content is optimized together with the creative girls and blokes. And did you know you can even decide to pay us based on conversion? You only pay for the results you get.

you can find us at our office in Amsterdam.

hi, nice to meet you. this is us. 


David Hoogendam

The Pool – Media Director


Swaan Wieldraaijer

Creative Advertising Specialist


Geert Doek


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